JAL Company Profile

JAL Equity is an acquiror and operator of middle market businesses in the following industries:
  • Marketing Services
  • Commercial Printing & Direct Mail
  • E-Commerce & Fulfillment
  • Sign Manufacturing & Installation
  • Promotional Products
  • Data Services
JAL Equity pursues a buy-and-hold strategy of investment that prioritizes long-term value creation, conservative cash management, and constant innovation.

JAL History and Management

JAL Equity began operations in 2008 (under the name of Prospect Marketing Group) and has executed 46 transactions since its inception. In 2022 JAL Equity executed 17 acquisitions collectively generating almost $300mm in revenues. Today, JAL Equity companies employ approximately 2,000 employees located in 30 locations around the globe.
JAL Equity is managed by Eran Salu, JD,MBA,CPA. Mr. Salu has worked in the acquisition business for over 25 years and has executed over $20Bn in transaction value as an advisor and/or principal. JAL Equity is able to work quickly to assess opportunities, conduct diligence, and close transactions.`

2022 Milestones

JAL Equity executed 17 acquisitions in 2022 and currently has physical operations in 17 US states.
JAL Equity companies acquired in 2022 generated approximately $300mm in revenues.
JAL Equity companies employ approximately 2,000 people in 30 locations across the globe.